Karan Sharma

Ramblings on tech, cycling, and finance

Hi! I am Karan and I usually go by the handle @mrkaran on the interwebz. I work at Zerodha where I focus mainly on Devops practices, Containers, and Kubernetes. I've started my journey in DevOps fairly recently and prior to this I was a fullstack developer building web applications using Python, JS and, Golang.
I like to tinker stuff around monitoring and observability systems, DNS and the underlying networking stack. I also happen to listen to a lot of music and maintain a Spotify playlist of some good indie artists I've discovered.

Recent Posts

23 Apr 2020

Using Tailscale for home server

In this post, I'll be talking about how I use Tailscale as a mesh VPN and some updates to my previous home server setup
02 Feb 2020

DNS Lookups in Kubernetes

In this post, I'll talk about how I learnt about FQDN, Search Paths and ndots to tackle slow DNS resolution in Kubernetes
14 Jan 2020

Resize PVC in Kubernetes

Easily expand Kubernetes Persistent Volumes