Karan Sharma

Troubleshooting Missing Logs in systemd-journald on Linux

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🔗Debugging steps when journal logs are missing

Follow these debugging steps, when systemd service is running, but logs are missing in journalctl:

  1. sudo -i if not already.
  2. Try running journalctl -b to see messages from the current boot.
  3. If you still get -- No entries --, run journalctl --verify.
  4. If you get No journal files were found, something is corrupted with the journal service itself. Run systemctl status systemd-journald*
  5. If the services are all “green” (active/running), something is borked with the log files in /var/log/journal/<hash>. Try running the following to recreate them:

systemctl restart systemd-journald.service


In my case, I had a fresh droplet created on DO but journal entries were missing for all services. Doing a sudo systemctl restart systemd-journald.service fixed this weird as hell issue.

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