Karan Sharma

Troubleshooting Kubernetes CNI Issues

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Official guides to troubleshoot common issues:

One of the most common issue is getting out of available IPs in the subnet pool. You can check the logs here:

kubectl -n kube-system exec -it aws-node-XXX-- tail -f /host/var/log/aws-routed-eni/ipamd.log | tee ipamd.log

Next, go to the subnet and check the available IPs. Quite likely it’ll be 0. Add some kind of pod affinity to schedule the pod on another subnet using (.spec.affinity section of Pod config)

            - matchExpressions:
              - key: topology.kubernetes.io/zone
                operator: In
                - ap-south-1b

Here, the affinity is towards 1b node when the pod is scheduled. You can see all the different kind of Node labels/selectors applied using kubectl describe node | grep topology

You can even label certain nodes, and then use Node selectors instead of affinity to guarantee scheduling only on those selectors.

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