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Bi-Weekly Music Post Part 1

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I listen to a lot of music artists while working or otherwise. I plan to share some of the gems I discover each week. Thanks to Spotify and Youtube suggestions, I keep discovering a lot of indie artists and underrated titles. I hope you give them a listen and spread some good music in your circle.

🔗Tere Jeya Hor Disda

Tere Jeya Hor Disda



🔗Magpie Jay - Bigfoot

Magpie Jay - Bigfoot

🔗The Local Train - Dilnawaz

The Local Train - Dilnawaz

🔗a-ha - Take On Me

a-ha - Take On Me

🔗Lord Huron - The Night We Met

Lord Huron - The Night We Met

🔗Snowmine - Let me in

Snowmine - Let me in

🔗Glass Animals - Pork Soda

Glass Animals - Pork Soda

If you liked the above recommendations or you want to share moar music which I should definitely listen to, tweet to me @mrkaran_


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