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Using Ansible Vault

Vault let's you encrypt sensitive values in your playbook. These can be DB Passwords, API tokens etc that need to referenced inside the roles/task etc.

There are 2 ways to encrypt:

IMHO encrypting with a file is better even for a few variables.

How To

  1. Create a file called secrets.enc and add the contents in plain-text:
password: secret
another_password: supersecret
  1. Encrypt with ansible-vault encrypt secrets.enc

  2. Store the password inside .vault_password (untracked from git) if you don't want to provide the password everytime.

  3. Run the playbook with ansible-playbook -i inventory playbook.yml -e @secrets.enc --vault-password-file=.vault_password

That's all! {{password}} and {{another_password}} will be available inside tasks normally, no extra work needed.

Managing Secrets

You can use these commands to view/edit secret file.

	ansible-vault view secrets.enc --vault-password-file=.vault_password

	EDITOR=vim ansible-vault edit secrets.enc --vault-password-file=.vault_password