Doggo 🐶


👨‍💻 Writes YAML at Zerodha

📈 Interested in Monitoring and Observability systems

📓 Blogs about things I find interesting

🧩 Self hosted enthusiast

About Doggo

  • DNS Client for Humans
    • Friendly I/O
  • Support for modern protocols like DoH, DoT, DNSCrypt
  • Also comes with a UI:

Interactive Demo

OSS is ❤️

Three instances with doggo which made it even better thanks to OSS Community.

Less code AND Moar Features

Support for DNSCrypt

Improve Website Performance


  • Package Managers
    • ✅ AUR
    • 🍎 Homebrew
    • 👉 apt, dnf
    • 🕵️‍♂️ Snap (Classic)
  • Protocol Tweaks (man dig)

Thank You